Save the Date: Part 1 !

The ring is on your finger and the planning is underway; it’s time to start thinking about how you want to share the good news with all of your family and friends. While a couple of years back you would be calling all your friends and your family informing all the family friends/relatives it’s now super easy to do so by sending Save the date cards or even simpler by just uploading it on Facebook or other digital
Save the Date cards have evolved into an array of unique ways to let everyone know to mark the calendar for your big day. If you are planning a destination wedding or have a large amount of people that will have to make long distance travel arrangements for your wedding, it’s a good idea to get your save the dates out so that people have ample time to prepare.Screenshot_2013-11-26-22-14-29-1[1]

So do people spend the same amount of time and money on these? Well yes they do! Until a few years ago save the date cards weren’t too popular with Indian weddings but over the years this trend has changed thanks to the influx of destination weddings and more people are investing in this trend.
We’v all googled images seen some great ideas but then again would you want your save the date to be similar to every other picture you see online? While I personally have an entire folder of images saved for future use off course I personally want my save the date card to match the theme of the wedding as it’s more of a trailer/preview of what’s to follow.

Save the Date custom magnets seem to be an increasingly popular over the past few years– most of us probably have at least one or two holding up the grocery list on our refrigerators. The appeal is obvious: magnets are easily customizable and where better to put something you want people to remember than smack in the middle of their refrigerator? Check out our four favorite trends in save the date magnets–
Also very popular are save the date video’s, while you spend a bomb on them they do not hold so much value for the guests. But again we Dubai’ites love everything grand and fabulous so why not a save the date video shot at the lovely JBR or Al Barari Farms. Personally I’d rather invest in something that guests can keep as a memory of the wedding, like for a beach wedding you could always do save the date umbrellas with the couples name or logo and date how cool right? Or you could also do some funky mobile covers or tissue box covers the choices are endless you just need to be creative. SaveTheDate1
Another super cool idea is save the date t-shirt yes I know the initial investment would be a little more if you’re having a large wedding but how cool would it be to have your guests show up at the airport or hotel (assuming it’s a destination wedding) in matching tshirts with team bride and the date on them? I can just imagine how fabulous all the pictures would look. This personally tops my list of save the date for my own wedding.CB2001V-STD-SET-2TYankee-Stadium-Engagement-Photo-Shoot-44

If you want to keep it simple and not invest so much money you could always look up for some inspiration online get a photographer to click some amazing pictures and have them as an e- save the card or you could even get them printed. Now don’t we all know tht 1 friend we all have who is super keen on photography? Well that’s the person you contact in typical Bombay language sasta sundar tikau save the card is ready.


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