Solaah Shringar- Nath

Nath or Nathni is almost synonymous with bridal wear as generally it’s worn only on weddings these days! The word ‘Nath’ is derived from HindI word “Naath”, meaning husband or master.
As per old tradition on the wedding night the groom removes the ‘Nath’ to show a sign of the ending of virginity ‘Nath-Utarna’. In the past, it was said that a single, unmarried girls or widowed woman could not wear the Nath. But nowadays at any cultural function, wedding ceremony or religious festival, women of all ages can be seen with these nose dazzlers without regard of her marital status.
The Nath has become an essential part of trousseau of married women and women of different cultures adorn different styles of them.
In the Punjabi culture the Nath is gifted by the Maama of the bride along with her chhoda and kalire. Here’s a pic of my Nath umm yes I already have it, my Maama was kind enough to have gifted me this post graduation.
image image

Nath for all the Marathi Mulgi’s
Styled in the shape of the number “9” and studded with translucent pearls, this symbol of old-world charm has long been an essential part of a bride’s trousseau, often being passed down as family heirloom.
image image

image image


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