Tips for buying the right wedding shoe !


From Cindrella to Carrie Bradshaw, women’s love for shoes has been dubious and fanciful. Shoes without doubt, are the most sought after fashion accessory and when it comes to wedding, a bridal look is only complete with an a statement pair of shoes. The wedding is the perfect occasion to splurge on shoe-mania sans any regret. From sparkling towering heels to peep-toe sandals and crystal-studded kitten heels, it’s the bride’s day to score on such extravagant fashion items.

If you’ve already started your wedding shopping then before you blow a fortune on foot wears make sure the money is worth spending. Even though heels and comfort do not go hand in hand, just trail down these hot to make your bridal look perfect in all aspects.
You have to wear your shoes
You might have fallen in love with a pair of skyscraper heels but remember you’re going to have to walk down the aisle in them, stand for photographs in them, maybe dance in them and walk around all day. Wobbling around on heels that are too high isn’t a good look and you don’t want to catch a high spiky heel in your dress either.
Choose a special pair of shoes
Choose shoes that make you feel amazing! Even if your dress is floor length, giving your guests the occasional peek of an exquisite pair of shoes will make you feel like a true princess! Wedding shoes don’t have to be boring – combine classic style with fashionable detailing and you’ll love them for years.
Get them worn in
Don’t wear your shoes for the first time on your wedding day. Make sure you have them a few weeks before the wedding and wear them around the house (on carpet) to get them worn in a bit before the big day so they’ve moulded to fit your feet and eased up.
Take some measurements
Remember your dressmaker will need to know the exact height of your shoes for your final fitting so she/he can adjust your Lehenga accordingly. You’ll need to be wearing your shoes at this fitting so when you order them check how long it will take for them to be delivered so you don’t have any last minute panics.
Match your shoes to your dress
Take a swatch of your dress fabric with you when you choose your shoes to make sure that it matches up and the colour doesn’t clash.
Pamper your feet
Have a pedicure before your wedding day so that your feet are soft and nails in great condition. They’ll also be picture perfect for your honeymoon!
What about the detailing?
Have you decided on your jewellery yet? If you’re going for silver, look out for co-ordination detail on your shoes, such as metallic binding or pretty jewelled buckles. If you have a lace headpiece look at shoes with all over or lace details
To sparkle or not to sparkle?
If you’ve always had your heart set on a pair of glittering heels, there are some amazing Swarovski bejewelled styles on the market. However you can achieve a more understated sparkle with a cute pair of shoe clips, giving you two looks- sparkle for the big day and afterwards a pair of shoes to wear with jeans!

Enjoy it!

Finally, don’t stress about finding the perfect pair of wedding shoes – this is SHOE SHOPPING ladies! How often do you have the opportunity to buy your dream shoes? Enjoy it, have fun and be confident in the fact that you will look amazing!


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