Video Wednesday- The Wedding Filmer !

The Wedding Filmer” has been capturing wedding memories since 2010. As per their facebook page “Life is not in breaths you take. It’s in the moments that take your breath away.” They tell us that their films have inspired people to believe in the institution of marriage. And, they have been rising in popularity consistently with over 85,000 likes on facebook. The Wedding Filmer team consists of 6 passionate fellas: Ankit, Zara, Sufi, Vishal, Ashima and Hojo. Let’s read their story.

Call him a romantic or just someone who makes beautiful memories. Watching his marriage videos will make you skip a beat. Vishal Punjabi, who studied film making in England, moved to Africa in 2008 to create beautiful memories with real stories and people .“We don’t make people act or follow a script. Nothing is planned in any form, which is why it’s important we shoot with people who open up to us. You see, these films are not just wedding films. What if you could see your great grandmother’s love story today? And what if it was a beautifully told story?” asks Punjabi, 33.

Surprisingly, the first wedding he filmed was of his own in 2010 which went viral with more that 8,000 likes on YouTube.He has shot 13 weddings so far, from Geri Gets Married to Happiness, all big hits online. While the latter was shot in Sultanpur Dabas, a small village near Delhi, his latest project is based on a double wedding, ‘‘The first I’ve ever witnessed. One sister fell in love, the other had it fixed by parents. Both the sisters are beautiful but one suffered an accident that burned her entire face and body,’’ says Punjabi.
Watch it here

Besides weddings, Punjabi has also worked with Shahrukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment for 10 years on commercials like ICICI Bank, Wipro, ITC, Airtel and Hyundai. He has been a part of the visual effects team in movies like Ashoka, Main Hoon Na and Don. If you’ve seen Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and thought to yourself what a beautiful wedding well it was shot by this man itself. I must say I am a big fan of their work. They make movies which are alot more interactive, you feel like a part of the wedding even though you didn’t attend it or don’t know the bride or groom?

Punjabi charges approximately 5 lakhs a wedding, yes I know that’s alot compared to the usual videographer but again if you want a blockbuster wedding movie you’ve got add that extra bit of dough. SOOOO- did you love it or did you love it?! These are just a few examples of the work they do- you can check out their Facebook page to see the other videos. I’d strongly suggest if you’re getting married- hire these guys asap! I have a feeling they will be pretty booked up in no time!


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