To have a destination wedding or not ? Part 1- The Pros

7 Best Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding

Marriage trends have taken a quantum leap in the past few years. Gone are the days when they were confined to halls, lawns and banquets. It is time to think beyond the routine venues to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime event. Though still in its nascent stage, the concept of destination wedding is fast gaining ground in India and the UAE.

Whether it is a desire to keep away the gossiping aunts, or an appetite for ‘something different’, destination weddings are becoming a romantic trend these days. Versatility in the venue and decor ideas is what’s attracting to-be-brides and grooms towards it. Take a look at some of the reasons why you should think about a destination wedding to celebrate your union.

Trendy and romantic affair
Destination wedding is fast looming up on the youngsters who want their ceremony to be offbeat and fashionable. Imagine your wedding to be amidst the surf, sand and sea where you can experience a romantic and ultimate marital bliss. From a relaxed wedding at a Goan beach to a royal one in a Rajasthan palace; doing it different is the mantra of the day. Places like Jodhpur, Goa or remote hillside off the Mumbai-Pune expressway can make for extra-special venues. Some also prefer to travel to foreign tourist hubs like Mauritius, Bangkok and so on.

Quality time with guests
When it comes to travelling to a faraway place or even a different city, the mounting guest list gets slashed. Chances of the invitation getting overlooked get high due to travelling and other costs. It cuts down the list to the closed ones. The huge maddening crowd is not there to impose their views upon you. This way you get to spend more time with the guests who have travelled all the way to be a part of your destination wedding.

Away from unwanted people
Were you looking for a reason to not invite the nosy neighbours, the meddling distinct cousins, and the colleagues or boss to your wedding? Well, a destination wedding is your answer to it. A lot of those nosy guests who often pinpoint every error and who sulk at every expense get slashed from your guest list.
Limiting the budget
To your surprise, this unconventional concept of marriage is quite affordable and reasonably priced. Your pockets can easily bear the expenses as the wedding is mostly attended by your closed ones which means lesser people. During off seasons, it becomes easier on the budget. Goa can be chosen as a budget destination wedding venue, but you will have to book well in advance. Other popular places which you can get in low-budget are Ooty and Manali. Though they sound run-of-the-mill, they can turn out great with your personal touch and right preparations.

Attractive deals and packages
These days there are many resorts and hotels which offer quite exciting discounts and deals for people to host a wedding at their premise. Many offer complementary services, hassle free packages and simpler procedures to conduct a wedding. Along with helping you out with the wedding ceremonies and preparations, they will also make exciting activity packages for your guests. They can help you to organise interesting activities and sightseeing for your guests. This would allow your guests to enjoy complete local flavour of the destination.
A status symbol
Today most of the couples are choosing an option of destination wedding option over the typical ones. Even most well-heeled Indians are going by this concept as destination weddings are seen as a status symbol as well. A splendid wedding thrown at a fancy destination earns you name and fame amongst your guests, and makes your wedding a well-remembered affair for the long time to come.

Honeymoon starts right away
Most of the couples choose to start the nuptial journey and the honeymoon from the very venue they have already selected. Wishing to kick off your happily-ever-after as soon as possible, you can book a honeymoon even before the wedding bells ring. This way you can spend a honeymoon on a budget without having to change the place.

So, are you ready to shortlist an exciting destination for your wedding? Do let us know where you would like to tie your knot by leaving your comments below and stay tuned for Part 2 detailing the Cons of a destination wedding !