Singh is King- Mehendi Ceremony

Among the many traditions that are infused into Indian weddings, one of the most prominent is the mehendi ceremony. This is the day when mehendi(henna) is applied on the hands and feet of the bride and even the groom. While the bride has a very elaborate pattern done on her hands and feet, the groom usually has just a token design.

Now don’t we all want a fun filled colourful mehendi ceremony, traditionally this ceremony was held 2 nights prior to the wedding, in the night because the bride could adorn her hands with henna and sleep peacefully however with destination weddings in place this is now held during the day followed by the sangeet ceremony.

I absolutely love the idea of an outdoor day time ceremony, pictures come out perfect you can opt for bold & bright colours, you could accompany this with a pool party so the guests involved could swim have a merry time while the others can dance .

As the title suggests this post will give you ideas about a Punjabi Themed mehendi ceremony.
What makes it Punjabi? the bold bright colours, the music and the activities.

Trust me when I say it, this is also very budget friendly.

Elements you could include to give it a Punjabi feel.

Truck/tractor photobooth – We’ve all had our fair share of experience with photobooth of all themes & designs, but I doubt you would have had got your pictures clicked on a tractor. Fits right in your theme & adds plenty of fun to the event.

Paanwaala- serve your guests some delicious paan.

Pagdi wala- have somebody tie colourful pagdi’s for all your male guests.

Get some parandaa’s for the ladies so you’ve the men in pagdi’s & women in paraanda’s

Include Manji’s ( beds/lounges made of wood & rope) in the décor.

Host some traditional games like the ones played in mela’s or fairs.
1.)Throwing wooden rings around gift items. If the ring lands on the gift its your. Keep small souvenirs for this such as chocolates, a deo, soft toy etc. To make it interesting you could also keep beer cans and vodka glasses. This would get the guys excited.

2.) Shooting balloons, now this is an age old indian fair game that we all enjoy. Living overseas we barely get the chance to experience all this now.

Have some bhangra dancers add on to the masti & dhamaal of the day.

Food menu options to add that extra Punjabi touch, you could include these items with normal menu so people have plenty of options or just have them whatever would suit your budget.
Tandoor Counter
Chhole Bhature
Sarso ka Saag
Paneer Makhni

Below are some décor ideas, stay tuned girlies next week I will be providing you with ideas about a Hawaiian themed Mehendi Ceremony.

Colourful Seating area for the bride while she gets her mehendi done.


Colourful Cabana’s by the pool, how cool is this?

Outdoor Mehendi Setup,love the colours & use of flowers.

Most bride’s are seated on swings during mehendi ceremony, love the décor of this one.

Bold & Bright colours, love the use of colours. This certainly tops my list.

Another seating décor idea, abundant use of flowers here.



Sonika & Sundeep

Their Story- Arranged!! We don’t have a romantic story as such, I had been talking to a lot of frogs till my parents found my Prince. Its funny how it happens, you think its going to be a fairy tale, the way its portrayed in movies, But its simple, like my mom always said you will just know that he’s the one. There is no better way to describe it then the truth….We might not have the most romantic story, we might not have seen each other across the room and fallen in love with each other at first sight, he might not have proclaimed his love to me in front of a million people. I may not be a princess stuck in a tower, and he may not have come on his white horse to rescue me…..Whatever it was, all I knew was that this was Right.
Trousseau tales- Wedding shopping was the most fun element I got most of my outfits from Mumbai. I’ve always wanted a Manish Malhotra Lehenga for my wedding so that was decided from day 1. I did my fair share of research prior to visiting Mumbai so I was well aware of the latest trends in Bridal lehenga’s.
I got my wedding lehenga from Sabyasachi and a champagne colour gown for the reception from Anjalee Arjun Kapoor. For my ring ceremony I had my heart set on Manish Malhotra’s designs and no questions asked I went and got myself one, it did require a few changes as it was collared and I didn’t want a collared dress as I wanted to wear jewellery. The only dress left was the one for Sangeet,so we headed to our local designer Private Collection (next to Cadbury’s House Malaxmi).The designer made a custom designed lehenga and there I had all my wedding shopping done in just 2 days.
Fun times at the wedding? the most fun was the Rain Dance.. My husband did a surprise dance with his cousin’s for me, which was super cute, I changed and got in the foam and rain. Everyone had fun. Also the reception was fun, because we didn’t have to wake up super early to get ready so we went crazy danced till 7 in the morning, decided to grab some breakfast and got to our rooms by 10.
Make up Artist- Bharat & Dorris

Wedding Photography- Pooja Studio Dubai & WedRed Mumbai.